City of Oakland Settlement Agreement

9/30/15 Public meeting

Oakland_Caldecott_9-30-15_public meeting_FINAL

Oakland-Caldecott_project list_2015-09-28

Oakland_Caldecott_Project tracking matrix_2015-09-29

Other 2015 Documents


Oakland-Caldecott 100% Plans Projects 2-4

Project 1 100% Plans_R1

7/5/14 Public Meeting

Oakland-Caldecott_B’way road diet_comments_MASTER

Oakland-Caldecott_B’way road diet_comments_bike calcs_MASTER


City of Oakland-Caldecott_project_list_2014-04-17


Sound wall appeal letter

City Caldecott-Soundwall Appeal Response Letter


Berkeley Public Meeting viewgraphs

1/16/14 –  public meeting of revised project scope, funding

12-20-13 Revised Caldecott projects list

1-16-14 public meeting presentation

Soundwall study information from 1-16-14 meeting presentation

11/18/13 – Broadway Project Updates public meeting

Oakland_Caldecott_B’way Keith to B’way Terr_11-18-13_public meeting viewgraphs

11/6/13 – City public comment solicitation letter to stakeholders


10/17/13 – Oakland public meeting on project costs

Oakland-Caldecott_project list_2013-09-19-updated-costs

Oakland_Caldecott_10-17-13_public meeting_viewgraphs

3/25/13 -soundwall petition available for public circulation

Oakland Caldecott_soundwall study_petition

Oakland Caldecott_petition announcement

Oakland_Caldecott_9-27-12 Q&A

2/21/13 Oakland public meeting on projects 9 (Broadway/Keith intersection) and 14 (Broadway/Brookside/Hwy. 24 on-ramp)

Oakland_Caldecott_projects 9 and 14_02-21-13_public_mtg_rev

1/17/2013 Oakland Soundwall Petition Process

Oakland_Caldecott_1-17-13 mtg announce

Oakland_Caldecott_9-27-12 Q&A

Soundwall Petition Map

11/1/2012 Berkeley Walkthrough

NOTICE_AshbyHillegass AshbyCollege Walkthrough

Tunnel Walkthrough Handout_2012-10-09

Tunnel Walkthrough_2012-10-09_Notes

9/27/2012 Oakland Soundwall Public Meeting

Invitation for Rockridge Soundwall Meeting

Powerpoint presentation

Oakland_Caldecott_9-27-12 Q&A

Caldecott Soundwall Study Map

2009 State Route 24 pre-NBSSR Noise Study