City Responds to Community Questions and Comments About Planned Broadway Changes

**reprinted from the July 2014 Rockridge News

In the weeks since the May 29 community meeting hosted by the city of Oakland to present planned improvements to Broadway between Broadway Terrace and Ocean View Drive (see June 2014 issue of The Rockridge News for a report of the meeting), staff and their consultants have transcribed and to over 70 comments and questions conveyed at and since the meeting.

A summary of this information is available in two documents: Oakland-Caldecott_B’way road diet_comments_MASTER  and Oakland-Caldecott_B’way road diet_comments_bike calcs_MASTER.

The current project schedule calls for construction documents to be complete by early next year, which will allow the competitive bidding process for construction to occur in spring 2015. The City Council will be asked to approve the project and award the construction contract next summer, with construction beginning in fall 2015.

For more information, contact the city’s Caldecott projects consultant, Victoria Eisen, at or 510/525-0220.