March 26, 2012 Meeting Description & Associated Materials

On Monday, March 26 at 7pm at Kaiser Elementary School, the City of Oakland will hold a public meeting to review and comment on the designs for the first six projects to be funded with $8 million from the Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore Settlement Agreement with Caltrans.

At the meeting, participants will hear an overview of the process that led to the list of projects, with a focus on the proposed conceptual designs of the first six.  The goal of the meeting will be for meeting participants to let the City know their thoughts on the these designs, before they move forward to the final pre-construction stage.

To help prepare participants for the meeting, the final project list with links to fact sheets and location maps is available. All project fact sheets include a brief project description, cost estimate, photograph, location map, and copy of the Settlement Agreement language with which selected projects must comply.  Where appropriate, fact sheets contain a second page, which is a conceptual drawing providing an example of how the project could be implemented.

The first six fact sheets have been updated and will be the focus of the March 26 meeting; the remaining fact sheets have not changed since the list was finalized in 2011.  Therefore, the remaining drawings are meant to communicate the intent of each project, but in cases where multiple design solutions are available, a community process similar to the one planned for March 26 will take place before a final design is developed and implemented.

For carpool information from Rockridge BART to the meeting, email

If you have questions about the process of finalizing the designs of the first six projects or the other projects on the City’s final project list, please contact the City’s consultant, Victoria Eisen at victoria(at) or 510-525-0220.

The March 26, 2012 meeting comment period extends until April 6, 2012 at 5pm. Submit comments to Si Lau via email:, phone:510-238-6105; fax: 238-7415.

Letters may be mailed to: Si Lau, Transportation Engineer, Transportation Services Division, City of Oakland Public Works Agency, 250 Frank Ogawa Plaza, Suite 4344, Oakland, CA 94612.  So the City knows what neighborhood you live in, please provide either your address or nearby intersection in your comments.