Oakland Public Meeting on Caldecott Settlement Soundwall Studies Petition Process 1/17/2013

Updated 3/25/13: The City of Oakland Caldecott soundwall study petition is now available. A City of Oakland letter  announcing the petition process was mailed to eligible signers. See also the City’s Oakland_Caldecott_9-27-12 Q&A.

Soundwall studies are on the agenda of the Rockridge Community Planning Council’s January 17, 2013 Town Hall meeting, to follow up on the community meeting Oakland held this past September.

A 2009 noise study showed that 135 properties in close proximity to SR24 between Broadway and Telegraph meet state and local agencies’ criteria for soundwall construction funding. To move forward with the studies, Oakland must receive petitions of support from the owners of at least 90 of the properties (a 2/3 super-majority).

City representatives will present the petition process at the January 17 RCPC Town Hall meeting. On January 18, the petitions will be available for downloading and distribution. City staff will provide a contact to answer questions about the petitions; it will be up to study supporters to obtain the needed signatures.

Signed petitions will be accepted for one year. Signatures will then be counted. If at least 90 signatures meeting the support requirements above are received, they will be verified via County Assessor records. If 90 valid signatures are received, staff
will prepare a request for proposals (RFP) to conduct soundwall studies at the two locations.

For more information, come to the January 17 meeting or contact city of Oakland Caldecott project consultant Victoria Eisen at victoria@eisenletunic.com or 510/525-0220.