Oakland Settlement Terms, Proposed Projects

Oakland City Council, following months of negotiations with Caltrans, adopted a resolution ending a tolling agreement and settling their potential lawsuit. The full terms may be found HERE:



Traffic Signal Improvements: $2,650,000 (2008 estimated cost)

Improve intersections in the project and surrounding on and off-ramp areas by installing new signals, making intersection geometric improvements, upgrading existing signals, to improve pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular access and safety. Locations include:

  • Tunnel Road/Hiller Drive/Highway 13 intersection
  • Caldecott Lane/Kay Overcrossing: New signal
  • Caldecott Lane/SR24 ramps: New signal
  • Broadway/Lawton: New signal
  • Broadway/Keith, College/Keith. College/Miles, Telegraph on/offramps: Signal upgrades

Sidewalk Improvements $3,650,000 (2008 estimated cost)

  • Tunnel Road: Install sidewalks along Tunnel Road between Berkeley border and the Tunnel Road/Hiller Drive/Highway 13 intersection as specified by the Oakland Pedestrian Master Plan.
  • Broadway: Install sidewalks along Broadway between Golden Gate Ave. and Kay Overcrossing as specified by the Oakland Pedestrian Master Plan.
  • Caldecott Lane: Install sidewalks-from Parkwoods condominiums to Tunnel Road.

Bicycle Improvements $500,000 (2008 estimated cost)

  • Tunnel Road: Complete the bikeway between the Berkeley border and the Tunnel Road/Hiller Drive/Highway 13 intersection as specified in the Oakland Bicycle Master Plan
  • Broadway/Overcrossing/Caldecott Lane: Complete bikeway between Broadway at: Golden Gate Ave and Caldecott Lane at Tunnel Road as specified in the Oakland Bicycle Master Plan
  • Bike route signage improvements to BART stations
  • High Capacity Bicycle Parking at Rockridge and MacArthur BART stations
  • Replacement of on-street parking (i.e. bike racks) in commercial areas,  i.e. College Avenue, due to citywide parking meter removal program

LandvaleBridge: $200,000 (2008 estimated cost)

Complete an alternatives analysis of possible pedestrian and bicycle connections from the Tunnel Road/Hiller Dr/Highway 13 intersection to the Lake Temescal Path (at Broadway). The analysis should include cost estimates for the alternatives and identify a recommended alternative, as well as potential state, regional and local funding options;

Soundwalls: $1,200,000 (2008 estimated cost)

At priority locations, to be identified.


On and off ramp improvements: $500,000 (2008 estimated cost): Improve access and safety for pedestrians, bicyclists & vehicles at all on/offramps to Highway 24, including full bike/ped actuation, ped countdown heads, signage and striping improvements, ped curb ramps, etc..

Bicycle safety and access improvements at the MacArthur and Rockridge BART Stations, including: $500,000 (2008 estimated cost): BART transit village on 40th and 41st St. Emeryville border to Piedmont Ave. and W. MacArthur Blvd, Hwy. 24 to Broadway, including median narrowing on 40th St. to accomodate bicycle lanes.

Traffic Signal Transit Coordination and Synchronization Program: $2,000,000 (2008 estimated cost): Along major (transit) corridors, interconnect and optimize for adaptive traffic signals system along Broadway, College and Claremont Ave. Include signal upgrades and transit priority system, pedestrian access improvements, bus and/or ped bulbs, shelters, and other amenities. Collaborate with AC Transit on Line 51 Task Force improvements.