Caltrans 4th Bore Community Meeting 3/25/2010

Caltrans will host a Community Meeting for residents and other stakeholders near the west portal of the Caldecott Tunnel . The meeting will begin at 7PM with at Kaiser Elementary School , 25 South Hill Court, Oakland .

Who: Caltrans & Local Community Groups and Residents near the West Portal of the Caldecott Tunnel
What: Community Meeting to Discuss Construction Issues of Interests between the Parties
When: Thursday, March 25, 7PM – 9PM
Where: Kaiser Elementary School, 25 South Hill Court, Oakland


7:00-7:20 PM Open house

7:20-8:30 PM Short updates by Caltrans and Tutor-Saliba (prime contractor) on

Temporary soundwall


Traffic Management

Noise Management

Air Quality / Dust Management

Temporary landscaping (construction phase)

Public Outreach protocols

8:30-9:00 PM Q&A

Information displays will be set up for the open house period, during which Caltrans representatives will be available to answer questions of a more technical nature. For further information, feel free to contact

From 7:00 pm – 7:20, there will be an open house where residents can speak with Caltrans representatives about the project. Although a question and answer period is scheduled for later in the meeting, the open house will allow residents to ask questions of a more technical nature, ones that might not be as relavant to the group as a whole. Short Updates by Caltrans Personell and the Contractor, Tutor-Saliba, on issues of interest to the west portal residents: Soundwalls, parking, traffic, air, noise, dust, public outreach protocols, landscaping.
Question and Answer Period.